My name is Oluchi and I was referred to Semsey by Uzo of MakeinUp365 on instagram.

I forgot to tell how much I loved your products.
Thank you so much for making authentic products that work. My skin has been glowing and I get a lot of compliments from people. Thank you so much.

Oluchi, Munandluchi

Where do i begin.. only a purpose driven brand would send out a delivery at 6:30am,The bottles are handled properly and amazing. Proud of our made-in-9ja products. The note as well made everything lovely. 

I truly truly appreciate you. You have an amazing team and your products are fantastic. God bless you so much


My favorite of the bunch surprised me - the palm kernel oil. Once i could get passed the nutty scent, i found myself reaching for it more than others.

You may not know this but most cosmetics, shampoos, conditioner and creams contain palm oil. However, its derivatives are usually watered down. However, using pure palm kernel oil has been a first for me and probably going to become part of my routine. 

At the time i used it, i had a bit of skin irritation after shaving my legs and it acted as a soothing balm. 

My skin not only shone like a newly polished car, ut it gave my itchy skin some major relief.

Ndani Lifestyle products sampler and reporter

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