You are welcome to Semsey. 

I reckon the thought on your mind is… yet another skincare brand.

Erase that thought for a sec, and let me take you on a journey.

Coming from a place of personally experiencing the wonders of Africa natural resources to cure a embarrassing post partum acne, I decided to dive into the science and art of it to bring you uncommon skin solutions.

Our difference is in our product development. We use a variety of amazing Africa fruits, veggies and plant oils /butters for their high skin vitamins and beneficial properties, but we don’t just do that, we take our time to infuse these in our base oil for minimum of 30days (most times longer) to ensure your skin get the full benefits in high doses.
And our products smell extra gorgeous!!!

We believe as a brand that if your skintone is healthy, you will be self confident.

We have made your shopping easy with our product recommendation, but if you still need help, our skin experts are here to support you. Simply click on contact us.

We remain committed to your exciting bathtime and healthy skintone.


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