Before late Q4 of 2017, I WAS A HAPPY WOMAN.

I never had anything on my face even while i am ovulating, during my period or while i was pregnant (which for me should be the climax of raging skin hormones).

The nightmare started precisely late October 2017. Somethings will pop up on my face for days/week and disappear leaving a black spot. Truly I pinch these strangers. Days became weeks, then months and year. I lost my happiness, I lost my confidence and I lost myself. I BECAME A SAD WITHDRAWN WOMAN.

I no longer talk in the office, make verbal contributions in public and became afraid of the world around me. My baby daughter, now 5 yrs, will ask “mummy are you angry?”. I was angry! Angry at my face.

During this agonizing period, I met with dermatologist in public and private hospitals in Port Harcourt city, I tried many products (synthetic and organic) that I often find difficult to dispose of because of the amount of money involved. I had on different occasions pretended and lied to be happy when i was not.

At one of my hospital appointments, I had a team made up of dermatologist, gynecologist, physician and a masseur carrying out series of medical test and examinations on me. After this, I was finally booked for Octoposy abdominal scan and evacuation. The reason for this was in my Dr’s word “you have abdominal /hormonal imbalance as as a result of something that was not properly placed due to your undergoing three CS while giving birth). It was a scary long journey when they revealed their process to us. My Hubby had to refuse the process.

Spiritual exercise and change of diet was also not left out.

Then I saw Semsey Skin Solutions on Instagram in December 2018 and decided to go for it! The clay soap, facial mask and night revive oil, among other products were recommended. The super affordability of these products were unique, and here i am today.

Thank you Semsey and God bless you all immensely for the skin revival. I LOVE ME AGAIN

Dear reader, healthy skin is a journey and not a magic spell.It prepares you for a lifetime of skin happiness. This is what we offer to you at Semsey. A healthy skin experience.

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