Semsey is a Pan-African cosmetics manufacturing, retailing and training company that uses safe and ethically sourced earth derived (natural) ingredients to create simple and effective skincare products.

In a historical context, Pan-Africanism served as both a cultural and political ideology for the solidarity of peoples of African descent.

Our first Staff resumed June 6th, 2016 and to date we have evolved into four distinct divisions.

  •  SEMSEY Skin Solutions: Retailing of our finished skincare products:
  • SEMSEY Academy: Teaching the core of cosmetics education:
  • SEMSEY Supplies Co: Wholesales supply of cosmetics raw materials:
  • SEMSEY Hub: A NAFDAC certified hub for contract manufacturing and private labels.

SEMSEY is committed to using safe and ethical sourced Africa raw materials, sustainable manufacturing processes to guarantee your well being and self-confidence while investing in our staff personal capacity development and running a profitable business.

To be the skincare brand of choice for a healthy African skin, in and out of the continent.

To empower the African woman and her family to be confident in their skin-tone using simple and effective skincare products made from safe, ethically sourced earth derived (natural) raw materials curated to create fun and exciting bath time pleasures.

  • We believe raw materials sourced from Africa are best for African skin.
  • We believe in creating simple and effective products for the skin from locally available and safe earth derived raw materials
  • We believe in fun and inspiring bath-times; incorporating seasonality of products, funny shapes, great smells, appealing to the five senses
  • We believe how a person looks is as important as how they feel, and we want to help the African woman feel and look confident in her skin tone – this is what we define as healthy skin tone
  • We believe in continuous improvement and evolution of our products through research, and minimalist manufacturing – the fewer the raw ingredients, the better.
  • We believe in value for money for our customers, value of work for our staff and value for business for the owners.

Tubosun Afolayan

Founder & Lead Formulator

Seun Bakare

Production Assistant