Shea butter has been in used in Africa for centuries as a natural healing and beauty balm. Our elders use it to bring relief to their aching joints and mothers protect the delicate skin of their newborn babies with it. African women, known for their ageless beauty, use Shea butter to maintain their skin’s smooth radiance.

Scientific findings show Shea butter to be a versatile active ingredient bearing excellent anti-aging, soothing and moisturizing properties. These properties make it an ideal emollient for various beauty and skin care formulations.

The amazing health benefits of shea is both for beauty within and outside. It’s what we call ‘whole’ beauty. And that’s a good reason for joining in the lagoscitymarathon event.

Here, Semsey crea8ions will be sponsoring and provide age long beauty and health products for maintaining the gracious African skin. So after the sweat and joy of the marathon – Dab Shea butter on to moisturize and heal those aching joints.

Visit our stand at the Lagoscitymarathon expo for affordable and quality natural options for your skincare products, such as Soaps, Natural Oils, Natural Body butters, Spa treatment, Scrubs and other home crafts.

See you there

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