Avoid the wide misconception that skincare products are meant for women alone. This is a fallacious belief or thought that needs to be erased.  Men take care of their skin too and just like the ladies, men have a skincare routine.  They sure need the same care as women. When next you come across a well -moisturized man whose nails are neatly cut, hair and beards well-trimmed, you should not be uncomfortable – it is normal.

The society needs to accept that skincare is a general thing and should be for everyone.  This prompted the experts at Semsey to talk about skincare for men.  No matter what age you are, you should develop a routine for your skin.  A solid skincare routine takes more than just washing your face in the bathroom and using anything you see around. It is exciting to note it takes more consistency, care, commitment, and confidence and it goes a long way in making a huge difference because it helps your skin feel better, younger and healthier.


An advisable good skincare routine that men can adopt.

Cleansing: Naturally, men have thicker skin compared to women and their skin is

Real Men Body Wash

exposed with dirtand pollutions. The first step in men getting their skin routine right is proper cleansing to wash away dirts and oil with a good cleanser. Check out our signature Real men Body Wash, African black face wash and Cool Mint Body Wash.They deeply wash away dirt and give you an overall healthy appearance, all made from natural ingredients like tea tree, sunflower, peppermint etc.




Fall in love with toners: Toners are great too and can be a great skincare regime especially for men, it helps remove excess oils and dead skin from the skin. Toners can help other skincare products work actively. Men with oily skin can use our best buy Oil-control Toner to help tighten pores and balance the skin PH.




Moisturizing: Moisturizing is really a section of skincare routine that men sleep on. Get good skin moisturizers; they help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and help the skin feel so hydrated. When your skin is well hydrated, you tend to look more healthy. Our fruit oils are perfect moisturizers.





Protect Your Skin with SPF: Sunlight causes damage to the skin and you need a good sun protection factor that will protect you against UV Rays that are harmful to the skin. Natural sunscreens protect against sunburn.




Take care of your beards and hair: If you loved to keep your skin healthy and clear you should consider taking care proper care of your hair and beards. Break free from

the conventional way of just shaving and trimming your beards without applying the right product.  Use the right shampoo and natural oils for your hair to keep it healthy. Use the Semsey beard wash and beard oil combo for your beards.

Skincare should be simple and easy for everyone, whether you are a man or woman, skincare should be a priority. Good skincare helps your skin stay in good condition, keeps your skin glowing as well. Men should consider sticking to a skincare routine instead of feeling reluctant because they feel skincare is ‘not my thing’.

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