Skin love is all about self-care, appreciating your body and loving it unconditionally. Loving your skin tone, your hair colour and learning how to gracefully accept your flaws and looking for ways to improving them.

You are unique; we understand how you can easily see acne, black spots around your skin and feel less worthy of yourself. You are enough! No matter your body shape, size, skin colour, tone or speech tone, learn to appreciate and understand you are beautiful. Having a dark skin does not make you less valuable and should not reduce your worth.

 ‘’ I cannot run away from who I am and my complexion or the larger society and how they may view that.’’ – Lupita Nyong’o (international filmmaker and actress)

African skin is beautiful, you just need ways to get the skin to pop in all its grandeur and that is why we want to take you through a seamless and interesting journey. We want you to have a revaluation of what beauty is. Beauty is feeling comfortable in your skin.


You are in safe hands, the first step in getting your skincare right is having a good mindset towards skincare. Skincare is health care, and it is amazingly simple than you ever imagined. Your first step to welcoming you into skincare is by getting a good routine formulated by a skin expert. Enjoy skincare without jumping on the next available products in the market without proper guidance.  African skin is easy to take care of when you have a simplified skin routine. You do not need to break a bank getting skincare right.


We do not encourage bleaching except otherwise advised by a dermatologist. African skin is incredibly beautiful and exudes confidence, bleaching has so many adverse effects on the skin. Bleaching can result in skin discolouration, uncontrolled acne, fragile skin, poor wound healing and even skin cancer.

African skin requires attention and we just curated some products you can start off if you are a newbie in skincare and you just need to do a simple CTMprocess (Cleanse – Tone – Moisturise).

Cleanse your skin with the Gentle Face wash and African Black soap to remove dirt and prepare you for the next routine.

Tone your skin with our different toners depending on your skin type and moisturize with the Semsey Oh My face cream. Toners help balance the PH of the skin, corrects uneven skin tone, and shrink pores.

While not neglecting basic skincare routine, you need a skin expert to walk you through your skincare journey as this is a life-long, interesting experience.

African skin is perfect and to keep perfection requires constant care and love.  Time is running, we need to catch up with our formulation classes at the Semsey Academy, till then our writer wants to drop her pen. Always remember to stay beautiful, you are enough!

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