We have seen many people agonizing over their oily face rather than being happy. Oily skin have common issues such as acne. Well yes, and also all the other skin-types.


The big question is what skin-type would you rather have? Okay, So Normal is a yes for everyone but we know we all can't have normal skin type. Also, we need to know that for most times, your current skin type is for a phase/ time. Oh yes, could be long or short depending on very many things. So if it is oily now, then you have all the reasons to enjoy it.

Let's talk about why you should be grateful for your Oily skin, right now.

  •  ANTI WRINKLE STARTS WITH OILY SKIN: While other skin-type may be forming the lines early, the oily skin person need not worry too much. The oil your skin produces more of have its usefulness. According to Dr Alexaander J. Michels of Oregon  State University, your skin sebum (oil) is high in Vitamin E, which is a natural anti-oxidant that helps to combat aging, wrinkles and reduce fine lines. So, do your happy dance!


  •  SOFT BABY SKIN FOR LONGER: Touch your skin right now and enjoy the softness of your skin. Those with dry and combination skin would wish to switch skin right now. While you may have to deal with clogged pores and over ambitious oil gland release, you find your skin staying moisturized for longer. But this is not enough reason to skip  moisturizing your face, all you need to do is find balance. A pea size of Semsey radiance oil will keep your oily skin matified all day long, leaving your skin non greasy.


  • GLOW ZONE MEMBER: With the world just getting into the 'glow'  frenzy, the oily skin has been providing that since inception. You don't  need heavy make-up and contouring to highlight your features, cos the sebum secreted  by your skin keeps its hydrated on the go and gives your face a natural glow.  With the shiny-ness getting a bit too much after a while, you will need to go out with a blotter more often than normal. Dab often and you are on the go.

See, I told you. Your oily skin isn't a problem once you learn how to keep it happy and dandy i.e unclogged and hydrated. Click here to see the Semsey Oily/Acne solution skincare set for the stylechic way to care for your Oily skin type.


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