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Help! my soap sweats a lot. 

Help! My handmade soap finishes too quickly.

These are more stories of soap woes too numerous to share. 

Read this blog post on to understand why and what you can do to reduce it.  

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A penny for your thoughts! 
Relax on your couch, get a glass and let's toast to a new year. Then click open and read with me

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With so many brands promising "amazing" result, it is a chore to sift within them and make a right choice.

Your baby’s skin is a very delicate matter, and this is why, in early months, as the baby’s immune system develops, taking in elements from the atmosphere, it is necessary that the products used are majorly organic and nature derived products. This way, irritation and inflammation of your baby’s skin is avoided and at most greatly reduced.


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CTM have been touted the "fix it" regime of skincare. Ever cared to ponder where the extra steps are? Well, we uncovered the entire chain of what C (cleanse) represent in this educative article.


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Melanoma is a serious and life threatening skin cancer. It is a dangerous misconception for people with dark skin tones to think they are not at risk for Skin cancer.   Most skin cancer are associated with UV radiation or tanning beds. Despite higher melanin level, people of color can still get sunburned.Certainly certain skin cancers are caused by factors other than UV such as genetics or environmental influences, hence it is crucial to detect skin cancer early when it is easiest to treat and most likely be cured. It is advised that we all do a monthly skin self exam...

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