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 Psoriasis is an autoimmune chronic skin disorder. It implies the immune system is counter active in the body. Hence you need to see a Doctor.This condition causes the skin to develop scaly patches that are itchy and painful. The affected areas may vary in size and severity. The first aid approach your doctor will recommend will be to avoid the skin becoming too dry or irritated by applying moisturizers 24-7. Other treatment may include retinoids, light therapy, prescription ointments or medications to reduce the inflammation.Don't go treating this by yourself or using over the Internet/counter prescriptions. You need to a Doctor...

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SemseY. News First: SKIN Second: Make Up Always: Smile With countless "Before and After" series hitting our airwaves, I decided to help put clarity to things. Hence this post is to highlight the differences between the two.   Skincare is not Make Up/Over. In fact, Skincare have no synonyms. It is simply the art and act of taking good care of your skin. Fact is, it is beyond what we put on the skin. It is everything that dictates the appearance of our skin, starting with what we consume and how it affects us, what we put on our skin...

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At SemseY, we are committed to providing active natural solutions to your skincare needs and that is why we want to ensure that you only buy products that are great for your skin type. I know some of us know our skin type already, which is great, especially if you have shopped with us once. However, if you are like me and you need help finding out. Kindly take this few step to identify your skin type, so when you shop... you shop equipped with knowledge of what your skin really needs. Before you buy: KNOW YOUR SKIN TYPE IN...

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