Welcome to 2019: A good year

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Welcome to 2019: A good year

Hi there…

Tunbosun here, with a penny for your thoughts. 

As we celebrate the onset of this new year, I, on behalf of the Semsey team want to take a moment to reflect on the year before.

Some Highlights:

  • We made our first profit this year, after expenses. This is a big deal, considering that in our first year, we made a loss because of Capital Investments
  • We got our products NAFDAC certified after 11 months of processing
  • We opened our facility for standard processes contract manufacturing and a fully equipped classroom for our training programs.
  • We pioneered the formulation of 19 different African Herbal soaps and a first of its kind Solid Hair Shampoo
  • Amidst a couple of other highs, see below

Some Low lights:

  • We didn’t meet our sales target for the year despite being close. 
  • Our experience store plan is yet to materialize
  • Our beauty of Africa Show though started, was suspended due to cash shortage in building our state-of-the-art studio and more

So you may wonder, what is my biggest take away from this year. I will say PERSISTENCE. We found solutions to most big challenges by just been persistent. We were like a bird that kept pecking until the big tree is down. This is our biggest achievement as a team for 2018.

As we venture into the second half of our 3rd financial year, remember June is our Anniversary J, I want to say thank you. Thank you to you our esteemed ambassador/customers who are constantly faced with mirage of beauty and cosmetics companies but still choose to stay with us. Thank you to Semsey Staff who chose Semsey  and strive daily to give their best when they could be working anywhere. Thank you to numerous partners and advocates who’ve held doors open for us with the right introduction at the right time. Thank you for every feedback, request and every reminder to do better.

And most of all, thank you to the over 900 African who’ve entrusted us with their skin. You give us purpose, and in 2019, we aim to go above and beyond to reward you every day for your continued faith in us.

Come 2019, our vision is baring strong and it is to restore CONFIDENCE to our AFRICAN SKIN through the woman. Our 2019 Q1 objective will be significantly (maybe aggressively) marketing our brand while stabilizing the products range. Our promise to you remains  Safe, Simple and Effective skincare products that are made from Africa raw materials. We also intend to be more personal and proactive about our communications.

Finally, you’ll also see the launch of many unique features to our products, training and services which are all geared for your utmost satisfaction.  

Here's to a prosperous 2018!



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