The nightmare started precisely late October 2017. 

I no longer talk in the office, make verbal contributions in public and became afraid of the world around me. My baby daughter, now 5 yrs, will ask "mummy are you angry?". I was angry! Angry at my face.

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Having worked with few ladies who were doubting their abilities just because they had one skin issue or the other. I recognize the fact that Self-confidence is simple to attain yet complex.

Simple because buried inside every human are abilities that can make a stand out.
Yet complex because most times we look for external validation more than we tend to believe in our own abilities. 

Hence the real transformation must begin with the mind while efforts have to be put on the external attributes to create a fair balance.

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My biggest challenge few years ago was loving my face while it was filled with acne and hyper-pigmentation.It was a real struggle and there was nothing I didn't do.

Now, I've learnt to love myself and the skin I am in with simple and effective routines on how to care for and love my skin, and i don't have to break the bank to do that. 

Thanks to Semsey Skin Solutions

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Childbirth wasn't the easiest thing for me.

I can say it totally changed my life:  from the big nose, to big belly, acne, high level skin pigmentation i battled years after. I lost my confidence in a way, i felt different from the me I used to know, so I had to cover up so much.

I now accept that no one can love u more that you do. I love me, I take good care of me and let my beautiful self flow from within.

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I wouldn’t wear skirts or gowns while in my 20s because I had been bullied due to my spots (they called me “leopard skin).

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