My name is Dotun.

Growing up, my mum would tell me how beautiful I am. She made me declare it everyday and would look at me with joy, so much that i grew with loads of confidence and self worth and no one could tell me otherwise.

Sadly, Adulthood came and society gave it’s own definition of beautiful that was subconsciously forced on us.

Childbirth wasn’t the easiest thing for me, It totally changed my life: the big nose, to the big belly, acne, high level skin pigmentation i battled years after. I lost my confidence in a way,  I felt different from the me I used to know, so I had to cover up so much.

I invested so much in make up (layers and layers of foundation and concealer to work everyday in this Nigeria heat) and I did this constantly for over 2 years. It was physically and financially draining (especially as I trusted so much in international brands than the Nigerian brands). I could not move from here to there without make up.. the extra cover seemed to give me a new definition of beautiful. 

My husband would say, you are beautiful without make up, you need to accept yourself first and not be so conscious of these changes, it would pass with time. but I would be more upset cos I thought he didn’t get (understand) it. Black neck, black knuckles- i seemed to always have to explain that I was not bleaching.

Fast forward to seeing a dermatologist, I was advised to let my skin breathe and take life from inside out. So I started to focus more on healthy eating and natural remedies for skin pigmentation: thanks to Semsey Palm Kernel oil. It was a slow journey but I trusted the process, found myself and redefined the definition of beauty. 

The transformation I saw physically in the last 1 year started from me accepting that having a child is a gift and I’m beautiful irrespective. And rather than covering up imperfections, it’s best to accept and deal with it, trusting the process. I have found various Nigerian brands that I can trust and market without a shadow of doubt. I find peace with being a herbivore – embracing fruits and vegetables as part of life rather than looking for quick fixes.

I now accept that no one can love me more than i do. I love me, I take good care of me and let my beautiful self flow from within.

And the major skincare motto for me right now is, IF I CAN’T EAT IT,  IT SHOULDN’T BE FOUND ON MY SKIN.

At this point, na black I black, I nor kee person, and my skin ain’t gon crack 60 years after ?? (Interprets…. I am black, I didn’t kill anyone and my skin wouldn’t crack 60years from now).

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Dear Ladies, love yourself. Love you. Take care of you. Let your beautiful self flow from within. At Semsey, we start your healthy skin regime with self love, followed by simple yet effective skincare product all made from the deep healing reserves of mother nature. 

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