With valentine day just around the corner, get your skin in top shape and achieve that flawless-looking skin in no time.  Our range of natural products can help you this valentine to stay stunning. Whether you plan on going on a valentine date night or want to isolate with your partner, here are beautiful tips to get that beautiful skin in real time.


Get yourself prepared, by first extracting toxins from the skin. Use our Detox Clay Mask to get dirts off your face and extract toxins from skin. You deserve a flawless skin this valentine., you deserve an incredibly good skin -You can get it.


Edible lippie scrub

Also, exfoliate. Do not just exfoliate the body or face alone without exfoliating your lips. Your lips matter too.

Our Edible lippie scrub can give you that magic.

Let your lips do the talking




Dark Spots Removal


Spots can be very stubborn to remove most times. You might look so uncomfortable for your date night because of spots covering your face. Acne has really been a battle for most of us and might just dampen your spirit. You can start by using a good cleanser to clear off dead skin cells and breakouts.

Get Semsey Face Wash and fights that acne or blemish off with ‘’ Oh-My- Face cream’’. Viola, you are getting ready for valentine.


Hydrate Your Skin

On Valentine’s day, cleanse and hydrate your skin for a better and flawless makeup. Our best seller,

Radiance cream is a good start to getting your makeup right.

Red Dress -Yes Or Yes

Of course, it is valentine season and red is the colour. Red is the symbol of intense possession and affirmation of love. Get that beautiful red dress you have always had an eye for. Do you like LBD or LWD? Oh, we strongly advise you wear red to look stunning.


Be Daring

All eyes are on you, whether you have a date or not, rock that red lippie and set everywhere on fire (not literally please). Nothing says confidence and glamour like a classic confident lipstick, go for it girrrllllll.

You can set your lips first with our lip balm.


We are in a pandemic, do not be the cause of another pandemic – a beauty pandemic.  Your skin can behave this season, so pamper it and see your skin flourish. Go out, have fun and do not forget to Stay Safe.

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