Wait a minute, is there such a thing as myth when it comes to skin care or it is something that’s being made up? We were curious to know existing myths and here is what we found.

The world is full of myths, and arguably even more so when it comes to skincare. We are not saying you shouldn’t listen to the sage skincare advice your mom or grandma gave you at least they taught us to always go to bed with a clean face. The truth of the matter is, many of the common things we have been led to believe are simply that—myths.

Those dark, purple circles under your eyes don’t necessarily mean that you’re tired.

– Melanie Rud

  • The higher the SPF in your sunscreen, the better.

This is so not true. According to Harvard medical school; above a certain level, a higher sun protection factor (SPF) has little added benefit compared with a lower SPF. Experts generally recommend using sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 which blocks out 97% of UVB radiation.

It may be worth a higher SPF if you’re planning to be outside for more than two to three hours, especially during hours of peak sun exposure (10 a.m. to 2 p.m.). But in most circumstances, a higher SPF may not be worth the extra cost. Shop for our natural sunscreen;  shields your skin from harmful UV rays, prevents sunburn and premature aging.

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2) You don’t need a moisturizer if your face is oily.

There’s no skin type that does not require a moisturizer. It is very essential to keep your body moisturized at all times. One of the ways to maintain the level of sebum (oil) your face produces is to use an oil-control toner (our oil control toner is a great recommendation) and get a good routine.

3)  You get what you pay for when it comes to skincare.

While that may be true economically but it also doesn’t mean you can’t get skincare products that contain natural ingredients that make your skin healthy. We are an advocate of healthy skin, choose healthy skin over bleaching skin. Shop for our natural, high-performing, and African skin care product and get what your skin deserves.

4)  Dark circles are a sign you’re tired.

Discoloration around the eyes occurs when blood and fluids aren’t circulating efficiently. Yes, a lack of sleep can definitely exacerbate the issue, but it’s not the only cause. It could mean that you lack iron or aren’t getting enough oxygen.

Not to mention, dark circles also become much more prominent with how thin the skin is, which naturally occurs with age. Watch this space for our anti-aging set -it leaves your skin softer, firmer, and younger. When next grandma tells you about following some old skincare practices, you already know what to do.

Credit : https://www.health.com/beauty/how-to-get-rid-of-dark-circles

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