Most black women, many times, have bought wrong shade of cosmetics. One of the reasons is not knowing what their African skin-tone is. Skin tones are different from skin types.

While skin types are divided into Oily, Combination, Dry, Sensitive and Normal; skin tones are different.

The 3 main skin tone presents in the African skin are: “Cool”, “Warm” and “Neutral”. A popular misconception about this tone is that fair-skinned girls can’t have warm undertones or dark-skinned women can’t have cool undertones.

Not to worry, these three quick and easy tricks will help you figure out your skin tone and how knowing can help you pick the correct shade of cosmetics.

Undertone Tip #1: The Jewelry Test

Your jewelry collection: If you typically gravitate toward gold jewelry, you likely have a warm undertone. And if silver accessories, we’d guess your undertone is cool.

Undertone Tip #2: The Vein Test

Turn your arm over and look at your veins. A green cast indicates warm tones, while a blue cast sends a cool signal. If you see both, you’re neutral.

Undertone Tip #3: The White Balance Test

Put on a white shirt or hold a white piece of paper next to your face without makeup. If your skin picks up a yellow-ish tint, it could indicate a warm tone. If you see blue or pink tones, you likely have a cool undertone.

Now that you know this, you can use it as a guide when buying your cosmetic products to find your perfect match, saving your money and achieving a flawless finish.

2 thoughts on “Knowing your SKin Tone

  1. Esosa says:

    Very informative … that calabar chic brought me here. I’ll be ordering now hope I don’t regret it

    1. admin says:

      Hi Esosa, Thank you and welcome to the Semsey family. No regrets here at all.

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