The company called SemseY.

March 2013 - A girl attended the Global Shea Alliance conference to seek solution to her incessant acne. She found some, needed more and decided to continue seeking.

She became pregnant.

May 2014 - Had an unofficial kick off with do-it-yourself product formulation. Here, products were made solely for the founder personal use. We were making safe chemical based liquid soaps as souvenir gifts to families & friends.

Sept 2014 - Began researching on natural products formulation.

Dec 2014 - Enrolled in an in-formal skincare and cosmetic formulation class. Had a lot of 'Aha" moment. Fell in love with skincare formulation.

Jan 2015 - Began do-it-yourself formulating body soaps and other skincare products from natural raw materials.

April 2015 - Hit the road for all thing natural raw materials and enrolled in formal training institutes.

March 2016 - Formally launched with a beauty cocktail event. Participants were opportune to test expertly selected extra virgin products of forty "40" Carrier oils, five (5) Butters, twenty five (25) Essential oils, hand crafted natural soaps, clays, salts, waxes and other skincare supplies. Media covered the news

June 2016 - Engaged the services of our Business Manager to chart out a workable and development strategy.

August 2016 - Trademarked the brand "SemseY". Opened our product for public sales.  

October 2016 -Exhibited at two main beauty conferences with great success. Woke up to over 100 orders for a particular product. The orders haven't stopped coming.

December 2016 - Closed early to fix a number of business loose ends.

January 2017 - Themed: Staying top of customer mind. Introducing Skin type specific products.

SemseY is a focused growing company that have been supplying the highest quality skin care and bath time natural products, customized to skin types and when necessary, personalised for clients need. We have a rich source of locally available raw materials, expert knowledge, product formulation, great feedbacks and amazing clientele.

We are committed to:

  • Products: Making safe, fun and sensational handcrafted products that satisfy and solves customer skincare need
  • Customer: Turning all customers to our brand Ambassadors.
  • Staff:  Maintaining a conducive workplace, creative and inspired workforce that thrives on members ingenuity and unique personalities to deliver value across our business chain.
  • Community:Responsible teaching of a sustainable "natural" way of life that ensures everyone is kept safe and have a great level of wellbeing.
  • Sustainability: Running a profitable and sustainable business that utilizes top quality locally available skills, materials, resources and draws on collaborative opportunities
  • Business Expansion: We are a West Africa country, starting Small but Strong.

Everyday Luxury, Naturally