SENSITIVE skin: We can identify the sensitive skin by the heat in the palm or infection due to extreme cold or heat. The tissue test is easiest way to find out what our skin type is


Sensitive skin will be very soft and delicate. It has two types. One is visible sensitive skin. i.e., more pimples, heat boils, reddishness due to exposure to sun all are visible on the skin. Second type is invisible sensitive skin. i.e, nothing can be seen outside. But they will get allergy even for a small mosquito or ant bites.


The problem which affects the sensitive skin is reddening of the skin, side effects for the cosmetics including moisturizers, problems that occur due to the sun heat, extreme heat and the extreme cold are the most common reasons. They should minimize the usage of the cosmetics. They can use the cleanser without any fragrance followed by the moisturizer and the sunscreen. They should consult with the cosmetologist before taking any skin treatments. They should avoid the preserved foods and the sweet foods. Vitamin A and beta carotene are good for the sensitive skin.

skincare tips for SENSITIVE skin

For sensitive skin, you should not wash their face or bath in hot water. They should eat the watery fruits to reduce the body heat and the sensitiveness of the skin is reduced.

The cosmetics are a worst enemy for sensitive skin. If it is unavoidable foundation, moisturizer, sunscreen all should not be used more. Because the pores in the sensitive skin are blocked by these creams. So we will get more problems. So we can use the lotion based products. But before applying all this, pls cleanse the skin and use toner mixed with the ice water to tighten the open pores.

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