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First: SKIN

Second: Make Up

Always: Smile

With countless “Before and After” series hitting our airwaves, I decided to help put clarity to things. Hence this post is to highlight the differences between the two.

Skincare is not Make Up/Over.

In fact, Skincare have no synonyms. It is simply the art and act of taking good care of your skin. Fact is, it is beyond what we put on the skin.

It is everything that dictates the appearance of our skin, starting with what we consume and how it affects us, what we put on our skin and what is attracted to our skin e.g. the weather we live in, the air we breathe, the clothes we wear and more.

The skin that stares back at you when you just took a bath is a reflection of how well you have taken care of your skin and this saying is true: Healthy skin is a reflection of overall wellness. But even truer is that healthy “glowing and beautiful skin” requires some simple routine work.Our Skin is the largest organ we have and requires utmost care. Even make up experts says that a beautiful skin is the best canvas.

Our business at SemseY is to give the gift of a healthy and beautiful skin to you.

To get started, contact us to book an appointment to start you on your way to a personalized and enjoyable skincare regime.

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