Did you know the skin is the largest organ of the body and not caring for it directly affects your overall health? Your skin is most vulnerable and act as a protective shield to outside elements. It is affected by more factors than you may think and not limited to these:

  • exposure to chemical toxins in tobacco
  • unprotected sun exposure for long periods of time
  • not getting enough rest, fluids, or nutrition
  • aging
  • pregnancy
  • inappropriate skincare and chemicals

As you know, living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle goes beyond physical fitness/wellbeing.  Though yoga, healthy eating and keeping to a proper diet plan are important, the place of maintaining a healthy skincare routine cannot be overemphasized.

What you do to your skin matters! Skincare is like dieting and you must invest time and effort as it takes a gradual process.



We are more than happy to work you through the skincare basics, and it involves the CTM (Cleanse – Tone – Moisturize) process.

The first step is to “Cleanse”.

Why is cleansing important”?

Your skin is exposed to so many things; from makeup and sweat to particles in the environment, your skin inevitably face so many external aggressors. Daily cleansing removes every trace of dirt, excess oil, pollution, and unwanted skin cells off your face.

Cleansing is the first step of all skincare routines and it is beneficial in several ways. When your skin is not cleansed properly, dirt and pollution accumulate at the surface of your skin and could potentially contribute to breakouts, dehydration, and ageing.

How to cleanse:

Start by removing your makeup with our makeup remover (if you have makeup on your face), then proceed to use any of our facial bar/body wash suitable for your face/skin, ensure you do not over wash your face. Right there! let us move to the next step.

The second phase of the process is “Tone”.

We have a large range of toners suitable for your skin type. I know what you are thinking “I don’t want to bleach so I don’t need a toner.” A toner does not bleach your skin.


Benefits of a Toner

  •  A toner can restore the pH levels of your skin, keeping it soft and healthy.
  • No matter how well you cleanse your skin, there can be traces of makeup and stubborn dirt. Toner comes to your rescue in removing all the grime after cleansing.
  • It shrinks pores and removes all the excess oil from your face, making it extremely beneficial for acne-prone skin.
  • It forms an additional protective layer, reducing risk of environmental contaminants entering your skin.

How to Tone

After you have followed the process of cleansing, it is time to tone, and you can do that with a cotton pad with any of our toners suitable for your skin type. Apply your desired quantity of our toner to the cotton pad, rub it on your face and neck in a circular motion until you feel a cool feeling on your face.

Finally, the last step which is “Moisturize”. You can use any of our moisturizer which ranges from fruit oils and lotions. The benefits of moisturizing your face every day will help keep the skin clear, glowing, softer, smoother, and wrinkle-free.


Benefits of a moisturizer

  • Prevents Dullness
    Using suitable moisturizer will boost hydration, prevent flaking and dullness, and give a protective layer of moisture that lasts all day.
  • Helps skin stay young
    The skin on your face, ears, neck, and chest are overly sensitive to environmental changes and are the most frequent areas of the body. These areas of skin also shed cells more rapidly than other parts of the body. Therefore, they need moisture to repair itself which allows for younger skin cells to rise to the surface.
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles
    Moisturizing can prevent tearing or brushing of the skin. A moisturizer works to improve the appearance of a wrinkle by making the wrinkle less deep.
  • Reduces skin problems
    Moisturizing every day can reduce the chance of developing extreme dryness or oiliness. Both extremes are harmful to the skin and cause common skin conditions like acne.

How to moisturize

Use any of our fruit oils and lotions, apply your desired quantity on your palm, rub/massage over your face, neck, and body gently in an upper motion.

Well done! you have successfully completed the CTM process.

Make your skin health a priority today, shop any of our skincare products on www.semsey.com.ng.

Remember skincare is healthcare.

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