Getting attracted to a product is an incredibly beautiful sight, trusting the product to do what is it made for is what matters. You can fall in love with a shower gel’s colourful labels and overall package and it will not live up to its hype.  Now, you are back to the basic, yikes! looking for a good shower gel all over again. Skincare product aesthetics do not guarantee product effectiveness.

Ask yourself the most important questions; ‘why do I need this product’, ‘will it work for me’? You must know the reason you want to choose a product over the other product in the same category. Are you choosing a product because of the label designs, tv commercial, social media buzzes around the product or because a friend recommended the products to you and you can not wait to try them out? Slow down, here are some tips you need to apply before getting skincare products.


The right products for your skin are out there, but you must properly look for them by knowing your skin type. Avoid random guess, follow an expert advice in choosing the perfect skincare products for you. Would you be surprised if I said there are no necessarily bad products, but they do not work because people with different skin types use products not meant for them.

There are different types of skin types ranging from normal, oily to sensitive skin. Find out from an expert to know your skin type because what worked for your friend or that celebrity might not work for you.



Picking a random body butter or a face toner from a skincare page without proper research is a disaster. Aesthetically pleasing labels are not enough, check what is written on the labels, if it is suitable for your body type and check the ingredients used in making them. You can check on the brand’s website on the active ingredients used and the instructions given on the body types. When not clear, ask questions.


Someone must have tried a product before you, you may not be the guinea pig. Reviews on the new product are up on pages, website and social media handles. If you want to take good care of your skin, read up on reviews about the brand and products so you do not end up using products not meant for your skin or choosing the wrong brands.


You are satisfied with reviews; would you love to try out new samples? Yes. Remember you must give a product at least 28 days before you decide if it is working or not. For some products, you start seeing results in few days while others might take a long time. Do not be impatient!


A good product label would advise you do a patch test before proceeding to using it fully. Why are patch tests necessarily? An active ingredient in a product might not agree with your skin, that is why you need to test the product on an area of your skin and see what happens the next day.


You have done the patch test and you are good to go. The products can now be applied on your skin, you have broken a fear about a new product. It is time to slather the beautiful body cream you got on your skin. Also, do not try new products before important events so you do not get irritation.

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