Natural doesn’t mean safe! We know this and so should you. However, our promise is to test all our ethically sourced raw materials before using them in any of our products. With us, our ingredients will be sourced ethically and passed through high safety manufacturing and packaging procedures just for you.

Ethically sourced African ingredients:-

We will consciously choose Africa sourced raw materials because we believe there are no randomness in nature. We will research every scope of Africa and not give up on the continent we call home. We are happy to share our great earth heritage with our non-African customers and leave you totally hooked.  We commit to our business sustainability using ingredients in the natural to safe synthetics spectrum.

Personalized Service and Products:-

We recognize that the African skin is uniquely different and exist in many variations, based on our geographical, weather, and climate conditions. For this, we will curate our products mainly towards the variations of the Africa skin and as we grow and expand across the continent, our focus will be to allow each country to maximally enjoy what nature has chosen to offer them, and readily share with them what their other African family enjoys.

We will ensure that our clients only buy products they need, make available detailed information on our products, and provide recommendations. In-store, we will train our sales team to focus on guiding purchases based on skin needs or explained issues and support the customers to make the best decisions. We commit to providing the best off and online customer experiences.

Spirit of Adventure:-

Africa with its abundance needs an adventure. Our “green, vegetable, farm produce, fruits” will be fun. We will explore the use of various culinary and cosmetics grade ingredients to make products that make bath times a pleasurable and unforgettable experience.

From sight to smell, we will touch every ounce of our customer’s senses with our products, curate fun, playful, beautiful, and esthetically pleasing products.

Promote Self Confidence:-

At the center of all we do is this – promoting the self-confidence of the African woman in her own skin tone. We will support charitable causes that are aimed at supporting African women, and men too. We will curate our events and marketing messages to constantly promote the completeness of each person’s skin.

We will encourage the African woman to stay away from needless skin bleaching and strive towards making the best version of herself daily.